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How to react with our pets in case of emergencies
How to react with our pets in case of emergencies

We've always been warned about the Emergency Plans we all need to have, but it doesn't become "real" until it happens.

We're not just talking about puppies and kittens, we're talking about all our pets; most instinctively know how to react, but others get very nervous.

We must already have the backpack prepared for them with all their needs (water, food, medicines, vaccination certificate, a collar identifying their information (# phone), etc.

Puerto Rico shakes every day and on several occasions, so here are some tips on how to react in case of emergency with our pets:

They (our pets) 🐶 grasp everything and also learn very quickly, e.g.: Every time you shake execute your emergency plan. By doing it consecutively, you will understand what needs to be done every time you feel a tremor. This way you are educating him and he will act immediately.

If you're nervous, your pet will be too. It is almost inevitable to feel calm, but if we can stay calm, we will prevent our pets from being in danger when they are disoriented.

Every time you execute the Emergency Plan, make sure you know what you're going to do after this. Your pet should stay with you and with a collar and "leash". In turn, you are showing that you are in control and that you are together.

If you are not with your pet at the time of a tremor, having practiced several times, your pet will know what to do.

Always keep in a place outside the house, emergency backpack for your pet and for you.

They are part of our family, we must protect them!!

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